Knowledge from the strange tree.

From the Fairport Convention List FAQ:


It’s rather odd that these Fairport Convention lovers divluge this kind of information. It’s not like they have a whole lot to be proud of.

In fact, based on this sampling, one might have the partial data to argue that a Fairport Convention fan is more likely to be overweight than say, a fan of The New Cars (even without Ric Ocasek). I don’t even think you need The New Cars sampling, you can wing this one and be 98% correct in your assumption, I’m almost positive.

I believe this FC list to be an ingenius secret society employing an ingenius secret plot to discourage outsiders from becoming FC fans… They know that once too many people know about a great band, the less likely it is that band can remain listenable.

Evil underground plotters or not – don’t the FC list members all look like such shiny, happy people?

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