Move over Emily of the State – we have an Undie Odour alert!

I was going to post a quickie about Toronto comedy group Cynically Tested and their hilarious parody of Bell Sympatico’s frightening surveillance policy. It’s absolutely terrific…

Terrific? Man, terrific is one of those words every librarian uses with saccharine delight. I need to get out more.

So go watch Emily of the State in a minute… but first though, ask yourself this: are you offending your husband or significant other with your UNDIE ODOUR?


Apparently this a real ad that had a run in 1940… image above courtesy of Rigney Graphics. AND you can thank the fine folks over at Unilever for the phrase Undie Odour as well as BO and dishpan hands.

Well it goes to show that we in the west have been designing diseases or problems to justify new and fantastical ways to consume for a long time. And I thought this phenomenon was relatively new – with the likes of Viagara and all.

Undie Odour – I don’t think there’s anything I can possibly write right now that you’re not already thinking. So let me leave you with this… I read an unbelievable stat once that said something like one in five contractors working in your home will sniff your dirty laundry if presented with the opportunity… [shudders to think]

Remember girls, “Daintyness always wins!”

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