I asked for more female representation and this is what I got…

Equal support for girls’ sports investigated August 19, 2006, 10:05 AM EDT BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (AP) _ Should girls’ sports have cheerleaders too? A federal civil-rights office is looking into a complaint that asks for equal promotion and publicity in one southern New York athletic conference. The president of the Southern Tier Athletic Conference says a […]

NOOOO!!!! We need more female representation… not less!!

“BOBBi publisher Abbis Mahmoud, whose premiere issue hit newsstands last week, bills his new publication as “the first complete lifestyle and fashion magazine” for Canadian women 17-34 – one whose differences from other such publications begins with the fact that its covers will always feature a man, the first being actor Matthew McConaughey.” I can’t […]

Trash the applicator babe…

Dear tampon trooper, I couldn’t help but notice that you recently plugged up in front of my house. So here I am pondering the notion, “am I down with that?” – because we all have those days when needs take priority over class. It actually reminds me of the time my friend Scott ran feverishly […]

How about some “retro-running” on a rare day off?

Jogging backward burns more calories Atlanta, Georgia (AHN) – According to some experts, retro-running or backward jogging burns more calories than the casual forward jogging. Barry T. Bates, a professor emeritus of biomechanics at the University of Oregon says that the measure has benefited people to recover from knee-joint surgery and injuries ranging from the […]

You still one stinky poochie, but damn you is handsome…

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