How about some “retro-running” on a rare day off?

Jogging backward burns more calories

Atlanta, Georgia (AHN) – According to some experts, retro-running or backward jogging burns more calories than the casual forward jogging.

Barry T. Bates, a professor emeritus of biomechanics at the University of Oregon says that the measure has benefited people to recover from knee-joint surgery and injuries ranging from the ankle to the groin.

However, Bates warns of the potholes, signs, cars and other hazards which remain neglected due to lack of hindsight.

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Alternatively, you could just chop off your head and instantly lose ten pounds of unsightly fat.

In other news, Canada comes in second for employee vacation days by law… second from the bottom that is:

Spain: 30
France: 30
Ireland: 30
Japan: 25
Belgium: 24
UK: 20
Germany: 18
Canada: 10


Sources: China Daily & Ode Magazine

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One Response to “How about some “retro-running” on a rare day off?”

  1. the Huzbond says:

    pack up the dog babe… we are moving to spain. olé