See the Face You Love Lighten Up With HP’s Fat Chick Filter.

HP says the camera adds ten pounds… but never fear – they have just the remedy to take it off: their new slimming feature. Obviously besides the point – but it took me forever to to notice ANY difference. Thanks HP. Thanks for reinofrcing body image bullshit. Rebecca Traister over at Salon says it best […]

avoiding the hindu pissing match

I’m going to break my own rules today and write about a personal business matter. I fear that if I don’t write about it, my little head will implode. I did some work last summer for a group of individuals and have yet to be paid. It’s infuriating for me in a lot of ways […]

Let my people go…

Let me tell you something, I believe her. Woman caught growing grass for cow From correspondents in Warsaw September 23, 2006 12:00 Article from: Reuters A POLISH woman who grew marijuana to calm the nerves of her cow has been charged with cultivating a narcotic by police in the western town of Lobez. The cow […]

Waiting for the gift of Subway vision

A couple nights ago we were driving back from Fingers’ obedience class looking for take out. Collin pointed the car towards a seedy Subway on the wrong side of town. “Can we go to the other Subway, the one on the way home?” “You mean the other side of town on the way home?” “Yeah. […]

What of the gazelles?

Ban on skinny model shocks fashion world by Andrew Hay MADRID (Reuters) – The world’s first ban on overly thin models at a top-level fashion show in Madrid has caused outrage among modelling agencies and raised the prospect of restrictions at other venues. [snip] But Cathy Gould, of New York’s Elite modelling agency, said the […]