Borat in Berlin

While the Huz and I were in Berlin, we got lost in the Mitte district looking for a Russian theme restaurant called Gorky Park. Well, getting lost was a blessing ’cause we spotted some excellent Borat postering and stencils. The Huz ripped one of the posters down to take home and guess what was behind […]

Posh cows and holy mackerels

The Huz and I just returned from our big European vacation (pics coming this week) and I’m currently catching up on email and news. One of the newsletters I often read is called “Mad Cowboy” – a pro-vegan digest assembled by Howard Lyman’s staff (not that I’m even close to veggie… I just like the […]

The Farting Dissident – another of my people misunderstood

The poor Poles are taking a beating lately. Polish Police Are Searching For Farting Dissident October 2, 2006 3:06 p.m. EST Komfie Manalo – All Headline News Foreign Correspondent Warsaw, Poland (AHN) – A 45-year-old Polish man is now the subject of a nationwide manhunt by the Polish police after he was charged for farting […]

Happy Tollyween Thriller…