My silly ties to the rich and famous…

1) My mom used to work for a property management company that looked after one of Johnny Cash’s pig farms. In time she came to know the piggies, but alas, she never met the man in black. 2) My dad went to school with Alan Thicke. 3) My cousin (on the Bullock side) appeared in […]

Your new favourite video.

Just can’t know for sure, can we?

Can nobody make a sandwich like McDonald’s?

David Adam Monday November 20, 2006 The Guardian It has been the food of monarchs and commoners ever since John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, first pressed some meat between two slices of bread and took a bite. Billions of butties later, the fast-food giant McDonald’s has set its sights on his invention. The […]

What would Ailbe Flynn do?

Part of my work involves making recommendations on business contracts for indie record labels and individual artists. I enjoy going all Attila the Hun, ripping the legal jargon apart and getting to the bottom of how one might be getting screwed this time. Yes, I’m cyncial – this is the part where it’s *not* “only […]

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