Some “buzz” words that ain’t gonna make it afterall…

humanilebrity: A celebrity who is a humanitarian and uses his or her fame to bolster a cause. Angelina Jolie is the current queen of humanilebrities.

thinko: A cognitive error or mistake. Unlike a “typo,” a thinko occurs solely in the brain and doesn’t necessarily transfer to your fingers.

e-mail ellipsia: The mind-numbing use of ellipses … instead of proper punctuation … in e-mail … then again … most e-mail messages are little more than a series of sentence fragments … and random thoughts … so maybe it’s not abuse. (I am SO GUILTY of this…)

malicious obedience: Opposite of civil disobedience. A quiet protest of company policy in which employees go through the motions of doing their jobs but intentionally accomplish nothing.

yogurt cities: Cities with thriving “active cultures” — museums, symphonies, opera, independent bookstores, etc. — where baby boomers will choose to retire (instead of retirement communities).

cellcert: The 30-year practice of holding up your Zippo or Bic lighter during a concert is finally fading. Today’s fans hold their camera cell phones high, snapping photos and letting friends back home hear – and see – the concert.


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