What would Ailbe Flynn do?

Part of my work involves making recommendations on business contracts for indie record labels and individual artists. I enjoy going all Attila the Hun, ripping the legal jargon apart and getting to the bottom of how one might be getting screwed this time. Yes, I’m cyncial – this is the part where it’s *not* “only rock’n’roll,” as they say.

I learned a lot about the world of music contracts from one Mr. Ailbe Flynn (and patent law and copyright law and privacy law and the competition act and and and). A former member of BMG’s uber-competent legal team, Ailbe was always there to skillfully guide me through the often murky waters of legalese. It was astonishing how in the blink of an eye, he could go from high-frequency, super busy Ailbe to completely present, helpful and undivided Ailbe. He loved his job and it was clear he loved helping his co-workers too. And his overall commitment to the intellectual side of life was really refreshing to encounter in the often cruel and shallow money trench, to paraphrase Hunter S. Thomspon.

Part of the reason I enjoy reading these contracts now is that I get to recall past conversations with Ailbe and I’m often comforted when I wonder what advice he would give me this time. I know I’m not the only one to feel such affection for Ailbe. Many were blessed to call him a friend in this lifetime and we all felt great heartache when he lost a hard-fought battle with cancer last year.

I miss you Ailbe and I’m so glad to have known you. The world continues to be a better place because you were here.

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2 Responses to “What would Ailbe Flynn do?”

  1. Kevin Flynn says:

    Hi Lilly and all else who are reading this-

    This is Kevin Flynn, one of Ailbe’s older brothers. After Googling Ailbe’s name just now, I came across your posting and felt the need to reply.

    I really just wanted to thank you for your kind words about my dear brother–you really encapsulated so much of who he was, his passion for music and his deep and genuine interest in helping those around him.

    We continue to be saddened by the loss of Ailbe but in a small but not insigificant way you have helped keep his memory alive…so thank you for that.

    You may also be happy to know that the Flynn family is in the process of setting up an annual scholarship in Ailbe’s name at his law school–this scholarship is being set-up with the generous support from the Flynn family, his wife Lori and her family, his former employers, and of course his many many friends and colleagues.

    If anybody is interested in knowing more about this scholarhsip you can reach me at the following email: kflynn@hotmail.com

    With sincere thanks

    Kevin Flynn

  2. Kevin Flynn says:

    Hi slight correction to the above email address for those wanting to inquire about Ailbe’s scholarship: kflynster@hotmail.com