My silly ties to the rich and famous…

1) My mom used to work for a property management company that looked after one of Johnny Cash’s pig farms. In time she came to know the piggies, but alas, she never met the man in black.
2) My dad went to school with Alan Thicke.
3) My cousin (on the Bullock side) appeared in Donahue and Geraldo in the same week. Or was it Oprah and Donahue or Oprah and Geraldo… I dunno, but I remember watching her on two of them shows. She married two guys within hours of each other; one a super-hippy and the other a Wall Street type. Go figure.
3a) Speaking of the Bullocks, my mom used to say we were related to Jim J.
4) Through a client relationship, I received an email from Larry David once. The real Larry David. It took a lot of inner strength, but in the end I didn’t send him my afterschool special pitch.
5) Speaking of Geraldo, my dad was often asked for his autograph when he traveled in the 70s – because people thought he was Geraldo. I’ll post a picture sometime, I’m too lazy to find one now.

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3 Responses to “My silly ties to the rich and famous…”

  1. Callaghan says:

    An email from Larry David. You’re my hero of the day. That’s about 5 shades of awesome.

  2. Callaghan says:

    Seriously. Awesome.