car theft

I promise this is my last Fergie post for awhile. This week my feminist hat has come off to cater to my current obsession with Fergalicious…(and retarded fish frogs, perhaps there’s a connection?) but the crazy love will pass, just as it did with Watching Xanadu by Mull Historical Society and N*Sync’s Girlfriend (yes Justin, […]

Out of the mouth of “babe”

From this week’s popbitch: “Singing is a gift from God, and when people say I can’t sing, it’s kind of like insulting God.” – Fergie, Black Eyed Peas I think perhaps Wild Orchid is the real insult to God. Then there’s that whole downward spiral of one of the best hiphop outfits ever… but I […]

watchoo talkin’ ’bout willis?

Happy to be a retarded fish-frog…

The world is a better place with South Park in it…

Overheard in the air…

I’d like to apologise to the funky airflight attendant on flight BA99 last weekend. My embarrassment is over the conversation he had with two idiot Torontonians sitting behind me on the plane and the fact that I did nothing to intervene. The conversation went something like this: Flight attendant: I’ve 24 hours in Toronto and […]

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