Geology is the new heresy.

Park Service inanity: they won’t tell us how old the Grand Canyon is Posted by Don Hazen A new book claiming that Noah’s Flood is responsible for the big hole is for sale at the Grand Canyon book store. According to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) in a report released this week, Grand Canyon […]

Straight from the dustbin, a prediction for 2007.

Lately I’ve found myself obsessing over one David Vandervelde and a song called “Jacket”. He’s been compared to Bowie and Bolan and I hear some Shins and Beach Boys but to misquote Tom Robbins, “using words to describe music is like using a screwdriver to cut turkey.” So go have a listen because I think […]

Billy Idol scraps White Wedding for… White Christmas?

No, the cheeseball before you ain’t Rod Stewart – it’s Billy Idol! Can you believe it? Mr. Generation X records his versions of Silent Night and Silver fucking Bells! I know we need to let people grow as artists, blah, blah, but wouldn’t you say this is some serious regression, even from the days of […]

This is what happens when you cheap out on a translator:

From the pages of Russian video startup Voting on WIM you neither choose the “star” nor choose the “best”. You tell us your moods. The top of the rating is defined with the emotions congruence. The whole world tells us about its vibrations. WIM collects clips throughout the world, persistently applying the only criterion […]

If it says guacamole, for god’s sake, don’t assume avocado…

Some newspeak madness: A Los Angeles woman sued Kraft Foods Inc. for fraud and deceptive labeling last week, claiming that its Kraft Dips Guacamole dip — which contains less than 2 percent avocado — is misleading consumers. [snip] Kraft’s guacamole — one of the best-selling avocado dips in the country (US) — contains mostly starch, […]

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