Pornado victim faces 40 years

Julie Amero, a 40-year-old substitute teacher from Connecticut is facing up to 40 years in prison for exposing her seventh grade class to a cascade of pornographic imagery. Amero maintains that she is a victim of a malicious software infestation that caused her computer to spawn porn uncontrollably. [snip] Detective Mark Lounsbury, a computer crimes […]

Consumating’s Question of the Week

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever gotten yourself into? When I was nine years old I boarded a city bus knowing that I was not allowed to travel on city buses by myself. I got terribly lost and ended up stranded at the downtown bus terminal which was… right across the street from the police […]

Meditating on mass consumption…

Consumating’s Photo of the Week Contest! Get Crafty, Consumators! Show us something you made with your own hands. Vote for me at Consumating!

Trey wrote a song about the best week of his life; a laundry list of all the places he did it with some girl over the course of a week…. set to banjo. It’s a really unique song with a nice vibe. So now he’s collecting “magical makeout” photos to put in his video. You […]

Would you like some anorexia with that jam?

I just spotted this ad for Audio Fabric at garageband… and I’m kind of alarmed. If you do decide to jam with her, can you bring her a sandwich or maybe some pizza? Given that her guitar likely weighs more than her, I fear that without some foodies she may not be able to jam […]

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