Best movies I saw last year, old & new…

It’s time to seriously consider the pathetic video rental situation here in Orangeville – don’t even get me started on the lack of music options, there are simply no record shops here and obviously with the death of the CD closer than ever, there never will be.

The DVD, however, has a little more time left on the clock. Those of my friends who care about whether or not I contribute to the evil empire known as Blockbuster have recommended that I sign up for a account. Looking at the available options in Canada, seems to be the best one but even so, the selection is nowhere near those of Suspect or Queen Street Video… ahhh, I miss the days of old when I’d walk into a Suspect and be grossed out by naked pics of GG Allin or amused by a bizarre homage to Heino.

Despite my obvious film challenges, here are some favs I was able to catch in 2006 (in no particular order):

1) Turtles Can Fly
2) Little Miss Sunshine
3) A Scanner Darkly
4) An Inconvenient Truth
5) Ten
6) Hard Candy
7) Borat
8) Snakes on a Plane
9) Match Point
10) Cry of the Penguins

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One Response to “Best movies I saw last year, old & new…”

  1. The only one I saw in your list is “Borat”. I want to see #2 and I’ll catch the rest on TMN, I guess.