Blog-tag… here we go again!

The Huz tagged me to play a new round of blog-tag!

This time I’ve been tagged to share five things few people know about me, so here I go:

1) I generally refuse anaesthesia when at the dentist because I find the needle a source of serious anxiety, and for me the needle is more physically painful than the drilling. Yes, I’m hard – LOL…

2) As a schoolchild, I used to make Cabbage Patch clothes and peddle them to my classmates. Always the young entrepreneur, I’d also mold chocolate lollipops to sell for special occasions like xmas and valentine’s day. In light of new regulations around food in schools (ie: peanuts), could you imagine if I tried that today?

3) I’m obsessed with death and turkey. Whenever I cook a bird, I’m sure everyone who eats it will succumb to some sort of avian poisoning due to my inadequate cooking care. Funny for someone who co-hosts an annual “Turkey Day” party, no? (For those of you who may be invited to sample my turkeys, don’t worry, I always test ’em myself first…)

4) I volunteer every Monday morning at the Orangeville SPCA thrift shop. I can’t think of a more appropriate place for this village valeur chick to lend a hand.

5) My new favourite movie of all time is Darren Aronofsky’s “The Fountain” – I saw it last night with the Huz and haven’t discussed it with anyone yet so it counts as something you don’t know about me.

Oh we cried and cried. The last time I cried this much during a film was when I watched Dancer In The Dark. Those wary of Aronofsky because they disliked (hated) Requiem For A Dream and still may hold me responsible for the recommendation (Heather) can rest assured: this film is a thoughtful journey through many of humanity’s existential questions around love, life, consciousness… It’s stunning and beautiful, please consider seeing it at a theatre if you can and go with someone you can be vulnerable with.

Those are five things you probably don’t know about me and oh and by the way… I keep two sets of blogs.

I’m tagging: fingers, Humble Howard, Freddie P, bravemonkey and Teena.

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One Response to “Blog-tag… here we go again!”

  1. carmania says:

    ok. i’ve done your bidding.