Would you like some anorexia with that jam?


I just spotted this ad for Audio Fabric at garageband… and I’m kind of alarmed.

If you do decide to jam with her, can you bring her a sandwich or maybe some pizza? Given that her guitar likely weighs more than her, I fear that without some foodies she may not be able to jam for too long.


In other news, I was at the dentist yesterday and an odd thing happened – I had my teeth flossed. Not with an instrument, but by hand with good old fashioned dental floss. This has never happened to me before.

I’m a bit shy to say this, but it was really nice having the dentist’s hands in my mouth. That’s weird isn’t it? It’s just that she had this style… very competent gestures and dare I say, a rhythm.

Perhaps I’m developing a fetish – what would that be called, dentaphilia? – but I don’t mind because it sure beats being afraid.

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One Response to “Would you like some anorexia with that jam?”

  1. JenB says:

    D, I remember your predeliction for flossing well. Perhaps it is a fetish…

    As long as the dentist isn’t coming at me with something pointy, I’m all good.