Oscar observations

Last night I watched the Academy Awards from beginning to end for the first time ever. Yawn. I’ll likely not do that again. Ever. However, I did make two fairly startling observations: 1) Tom Cruise and John Travolta appear to be aging backwards. (Sorry, I couldn’t fit John Travolta’s massive face on my blog twice.) […]

Photo Essay of Fingers and the Missing Drawer Knob

Earlier today I caught Fingers chewing on a drawer knob. “Bad Fingers!” He said he didn’t do it. “It wasn’t me.” Later I noticed the whole damn knob had gone missing. Notice the tennis ball, evidence that he does have otherthings to chew. Goddamn it. A few hours later, after I’d long given up the […]

Elliott Smith, rats and the week I’ve had

Not to tempt fate, but it would be difficult for this week to get worse and thank god it’s coming to an end. S-l-o-w-l-y, but surely. I hate that creeping feeling of defeat, but I’m not giving up yet. Let’s see, car accident? Check. Snowed in? Check. Missed appointments? Check. Late on deliverables? Check. Rescheduling […]

This eagle gets an A+ for effort.

Eagle Tries To Carry Deer Head, Causes Power Outage An ambitious eagle left about 10,000 residents of Alaska without power after it tried to fly carrying a deer head. The eagle found a deer head in a landfill, and decided to take it home. Unfortunately the weight of the deer head prevented the eagle from […]

Ricky Gervais meets David Bowie

I have tears of joy streaming down my face as I post this. Pure hilarity… enjoy!