30 Strangest Deaths in History.

Three notables: Death by 1) Poison, 2) Gunshot Wound (4x), 3) Beating by Clubs, 4) Drowning. According to legends, Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) was first poisoned with enough cyanide to kill ten men, but he wasn’t affected. So his killers shot him in the back with a revolver. Rasputin fell but later revived. So, […]

Sir Paul says music to the masses has always been his aim.

From Billboard: “McCartney To Anchor New Starbucks Label – After weeks of speculation, Paul McCartney is now officially the first artist signed to Hear Music, a new joint label formed by Starbucks and the Concord Music Group.” Why do I feel like coffee, Starbucks and McCartney are the big winners here, while music remains a […]

Momus asks, “Brick-and-mortar conservatism?”

As a homeowner who fancies herself politically aware, this is something I’ve often pondered but never really developed beyond a squawk. I’m delighted to see that Momus has taken on the task … read on. Is there a link between owning a house and conservatism? Intuitively I’d say yes, there is, and that conversely there’s […]

The Past and Pending by the Shins

Can I share a song with you? It’s a song I recently rediscovered from The Shins’ first release, “Oh, Inverted World”. Think of your favourite 60s pop played underwater, throw in a little whimsy and you’ve got the Shins. I just love them. I’ve listened to this song about a dozen times this week … […]

My first robot!

I finally found a copy of Jessica Hutchison’s “Unusual Toys for You to Knit and Enjoy” and the robot you see above is my first creation. There were a couple areas where I had trouble, mainly the intarsia and learning the long-tail method of casting on. The latter I mastered but the intarsia is something […]

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