The perils of social networking

Life sure gets complicated when you cruise on over to your much younger sister’s Facebook profile and find the following:

“Religious Views: double penetration brings me closer to god.”

Wow, awesome and frightening all at once. I find it amusing that this is from the same person who gets flustered when I pee or change in front of her but telling the world about her DP fetish is a-okay!

Here are some friendly images to help you (me) forget what you (I) just read!




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3 Responses to “The perils of social networking”

  1. lincoln says:

    yah… being said sister’s cousin, I could’ve done without reading that as well. (But here, since I have no facebook).

  2. hollabackgirl says:

    I don’t know, but don’t you think your sister would probably be embarrased that you wrote this about her? After all, facebook is a private place for friends only to view.

  3. lilydustbin says:

    Privacy? I appreciate the sentiment hollabackgirl, but when you enter this space, you can kiss any expectation of privacy goodbye.

    And Facebook is no longer a “private place for friends only to view” – the walled garden is slowly coming down and depending on your privacy settings, people outside of your friends/network may be able to access your profile.

    My suggestion if you want privacy, use an alias or even better, stay away from social networking.