It’s okay if you’re a bit jealous.

Look at the desert boots!!

My cellulite is not for poppping.

I don’t know if I have cellulite, but my guess is yes. I can never really get a decent view of the back of the bus and for the most part I don’t care so much, although like any woman who’s bombarded with impossible perfection in advertising almost 24/7, I have my days. The mantra […]


I think I’ll go rent American Pie now ’cause clearly I’m becoming someone who’s easily amused with juvenile highschool humour. I’m certain this development is connected to Facebook. Certain.

Incentivize is not a word.

I’ve just been introduced to impactful’s bastard best-friend, “incentivize”. Poo, I say. It’s on my mind because earlier today I heard both impactful and incentivize used in a CBC interview within seconds of each other. I am by no means a grammar person. In fact, I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, I […]

Five movies I’d never feel good about recommending to Mom…

1) Shortbus 2) Tideland 3) Requiem for a Dream 4) Lady Vengeance 5) Sin City Inspired by

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