What the world eats …

From mercola.com: “These photographs, shot by Peter Menzel from the book “Hungry Planet,” were part of a previous Time Magazine story I posted about science confirming the secret key to weight loss. They didn’t include these photos in their article at the time, and only printed four of them in the magazine.

This is a fascinating look at what’s on people’s dinner tables across the globe, and is a telling visual of why the health of the Western world is in rapid decline from all our prepackaged, chemically processed and sugar-laden goods, and how much we’re actually paying for the privilege.”

See the photos: What the World Eats

Some observations:

1) Using these photos as evidence, there seems to be a direct relationship between processed food and genuine happiness. Look at the Tingo family – zero processed foods and have you ever seen a family so happy?
2) Isn’t it incredible that almost every family has some sort of pop on the their tables?
3) Being a Polish gal, I grew up with a whole lotta strange piggy things in the fridge – mostly I remember pickled pig’s feet. It’s a relief to know that this phenomenon appears to be cultural (the Polish peeps in the picture mention a pig knuckle recipe).
4) Bananas are present on almost every table.
5) The Germans win the prize for the most booze in their diets!

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One Response to “What the world eats …”

  1. JenB says:

    Thanks for posting this, it was fascinating!