The Emperor’s new bros

Check this out:

Giant Prehistoric Penguins Found

June 25, 2007—A fossil skull recently uncovered in Peru reveals that penguins about the size of people roamed the country’s Atacama Desert more than 30 million years ago. The newly described species, Icadyptes salasi, is shown above next to a skull of the only modern penguin living in Peru, Spheniscus humboldti.

A new study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describes the species, which stood about 4.5 feet (1.5 meters) tall and sported a foot-long (0.3-meter-long) beak. The study also describes a smaller ancient penguin species found in the same region.

Despite I. salasi’s unusual height, its beak is disproportionately large, said lead study author Julia Clarke. Other clues on the beak—including texturing on the bone and a horny sheath—suggest the animal employed a feeding style akin to spear fishing.

Source: (thanks Daniel)

Speaking of bros … Do you remember that 80s boy band Bros? “When Will I Be Famous” or the vitriolic “I Owe You Nothing” ring a brotherly bell?

They released a “best of” a few years back – seriously, who knew? So, if you’re looking to bestow a guilty-pleasure gift on me in the near future, may I suggest the Best of Bros?

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