So what exactly is a “chick flick?”

From the activist/writer who coined the phrase, “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle,”* I bring you: In Defense of the ‘Chick Flick’.

* Well, I’m pretty certain she said it… I was always under the impression that she said it. The ironic thing? If you google the phrase, it’s often-times attributed to Bono because he used it for an Achtung Baby lyric. Every poet is a thief.

Gloria Steinem: In Defense of the ‘Chick Flick’
By Gloria Steinem, Women’s Media Center. Posted July 7, 2007.

Here’s a modest proposal to the young man on the plane from Los Angeles to Seattle who said of the movie that most passengers — male and female — voted to watch: “I don’t watch chick flicks!”

So what exactly is a “chick flick?” I think you and I could probably agree that it has more dialogue than special effects, more relationships than violence, and relies for its suspense on how people live instead of how they die.

I’m not challenging your choice; I’m just questioning the term that encourages it. After all, if you think back to your school days, much of what you were assigned as great literature could have been dismissed as “chick lit.” Indeed, the books you read probably only survived because they were written by famous guys.

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