“a dedicated Crocs accident blog …”

From yesterday’s Alternet: “Crocs can kill,” screamed the front page of The Sun last Wednesday. The paper reported the banning of the shoes by some Sheffield hospitals, apparently because of claims that static electricity generated by Croc-shod medical staff could knock out vital equipment. Elsewhere, Crocs have been blamed for children’s feet being mangled by […]

I’m sorry for posting about Marilyn Manson…

I’m so procrastinating today. My work areas at home are completely in a state and I just can’t be bothered. So instead, I’ve read the most recent installment of Stained Teeth, posted an entry on Mark Crispin Miller’s blog, looked at other people’s pictures on Facebook, caught up on my RSS feeds (p.s. is it […]

Consumating’s Question of the Week – Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost: Tell us when your childhood officially ended. It happened a few years ago when I remembered my parents’ words the day my goldfish disappeared. I recalled being on my way to a Brownie meeting, noticing the fish bowl empty and asking, “Where did Tapioca go?” “Sorry kiddo, he drowned.” My whole life has […]

Avenger Nuns of Corrupt English Murderers

It’s my new secret society… shhh, don’t tell anyone. What’s yours? Secret Society Generator

“… crack squirrels are a recognised problem in New York and Washington DC parks.”

In Toronto we have the legend of the albino squirrel (oh, oh, oh, I’ve seen one) and everywhere else they apparently have… the crack squirrel. In a report about Pete Doherty’s crack-addicted kitty (alleged of course, avec photo of tiny crack pipe held up to itty-bitty kitty mouth), the Sun drops the cracksteria bomb near […]

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