Vajayjay – is the whole the sum of its parts?

There’s a great article in the New York Times today about the rise of the word “vajayjay”. I’m not exactly sure why it’s in the Fashion & Style section though. Nonetheless it’s a fun read and it’s great to see Gloria Steinem the ever-hopeful… even if a little misguided. In a voice-mail message left for […]

Bowie vs. Bowie – super-geek turns to ProTools for truth.

Thanks god for geeks! Thank god for nerds! From a 2002 MetaFilter forum, the following exchange is a rock’n’roll rollercoaster: Well for years I thought David Bowie was singing: “and the papers want to know who’s shirts you wear…” when apparently it’s “who shot you where” that the papers want to know. Odd thing is, […]

Blender lets LeBon off too easy and the heat escapes my winter.

I’m convinced that the only reason Blender got so much press for their current worst lyrics issue is because Sting is the worst ranked. Big surprise. People love to hate Sting. For myself, I’ve been known to pick up a copy of Blender from time to time, so after hearing the recent CBC story on […]

Hidden basement treasure, *not* porn but… “Bible Charades”!

Earlier this month, the Huz and I visited some friends at their new home in Oakville and even though it was a housewarming of sorts for them (doubling also as a post-Thanksgiving eat-em-up turkeyfest), it was I who left with the best gift: a box of “Bible Charades” playing cards, circa 1976. These lovely little […]

Consumating’s Photo Contest ~ Scary masks, silly masks and masks we hide behind.

Show us your best mask! Vote for the best mask at Consumating!

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