Puff the magic dragonflybot who spies on you and me…

Recently some friends and I were hanging out in the backyard when a very peculiar-looking insect landed on the picnic table we were gathered ’round. “I’ve NEVER seen that kind of bug before in my LIFE!” So of course, bug talk ensued… When the Huz and I first moved to Hockley Valley a couple years […]

Can you pee crooked?

“This outhouse leans, can you pee crooked?” – Outhouse at Aunt Mary’s in Necum Teuch, Nova Scotia This past weekend the Huz and I hopped on a plane and headed for Halifax. His folks moved out there late last year, so it was definitely time for us to make the trek. One of the highlights […]

The Hash Knife Outfit

I’ve decided it’s necessary to document the insanely strange and wonderful items that often pass through the thrift shop where I volunteer. Some of the goodies I end up buying, but mostly I just take pleasure in knowing they exist. Today, for example, one of our regulars pointed out this Zane Grey book to me: […]

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