David Bowie mug shot discovery – Rochester, NY 1976

Age 29, busted for maryjane. Get the real photo (which is for sale btw) and story at the smoking gun. The expression in his eyes is amazing: indignance, amusement, defiance – he seems to be challenging, “would you like to play a little game?”

“Sex restraint enslaves women, I read it in Bravo Girl.”

I know I’m making a grave error by including the word “sex” in this post’s title… but I’m feeling dangerous today, what can I say? Come and get me you filthy comment spammers. Speaking of whom, this morning I did get the best penis-enlargement spam with this most hilariously WRONG subject line, “ram her womb […]

Have you tried the Right Brain vs Left Brain test?

This test has made it my way a few times in the past month and it fascinates me everytime. Do you see her turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? If she’s moving clockwise you use more of your right brain, and vice versa. I am able to see her turning both ways but it’s random. I haven’t […]

Eye oh my Eye-Fi… Digital Camera Wi-Fi!

I don’t know if you tried to find a digital picture frame last Christmas, but let me tell you – it was NUTS. I knew months before that this was something my mother-in-law would love, but of course instead of picking one up in July, I waited until mid-December. The huz lucked out and found […]