Eye oh my Eye-Fi… Digital Camera Wi-Fi!

I don’t know if you tried to find a digital picture frame last Christmas, but let me tell you – it was NUTS. I knew months before that this was something my mother-in-law would love, but of course instead of picking one up in July, I waited until mid-December. The huz lucked out and found one on Christmas Eve, if you can believe it. We’re bad gifters.

Sooo, I’m mentioning this because I’m wondering if I’ve stumbled upon what will be the crazy gift for xmas 2007, check it: the Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card


Eye-fi is a magical orange SD memory card that will not only store 2GB worth of pictures, it’ll upload them to your computer, and to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa (or 14 others) wirelessly, invisibly, automatically!”

How cool is that??

Speaking of eyes… I went to see a real optometrist this morning… I say *real* because everything I thought I knew about my eyes is actually wrong. I guess the *fake* optometrists I went to in the past were too busy trying to sell me super-fancy contact lenses for my astigmatism… oh but wait, I don’t actually have astigmatism at all! Seriously. Let’s see, I’ve learned that my left eye has magically corrected itself (certainly in the realm of possibility), my right eye is worse than previously tested and indeed I have no astigmatism in either eye. Who knew?

I also found out that I have a “freckle” on my retina. It’s not raised, so no growthy concern at the moment but interesting nonetheless. It’s odd to see the inside of one’s own eyeball, the look/feel has this outerspacey texture. And I must report, having my pupils dilated for most of the day has made my body believe it’s hungover or something. I feel gross!

I’ve been wearing glasses now for about ten years and every test up until today took fifteen minutes or less. Today’s examination took over an hour. I can’t help but wonder if this is at all related to the fact that eye examinations are no longer paid for by the province at all. It makes me sad to think I might be getting better care because I’m “paying” for it.

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One Response to “Eye oh my Eye-Fi… Digital Camera Wi-Fi!”

  1. seizuresalad says:

    Dude, I know what you mean. I have gone to two types of physio for my leg injury in recent months, one paid by me and paid by OHIP. Paid by me was personal attention, massage, talking to me, helping me with exercises. OHIP physio: they hooked me up to a “muscle stimulating machine” and left the room for half an hour. Night and day.