“Sex restraint enslaves women, I read it in Bravo Girl.”

I know I’m making a grave error by including the word “sex” in this post’s title… but I’m feeling dangerous today, what can I say? Come and get me you filthy comment spammers. Speaking of whom, this morning I did get the best penis-enlargement spam with this most hilariously WRONG subject line, “ram her womb with your brand new rod and show her who wears the pants”. That’s just one big spam’o’wrong on too many levels to count.

I have a movie clip I’d like to share. I watched a Polish drama (bordering on black comedy) called “Louder Than Bombs” a couple weeks ago and this clip’s been repeating in my mind over and over (audio is safe for work unless you’re in a Polish-speaking environment, subtitles have many swears, runs 1:23mins):

Her name is Jagoda, isn’t she great?

Overall, it’s a pretty decent film about coming of age in rural Poland; the sad subtext being that Polish parents are desperately keen for their offspring to leave the country for a “better life” in America. BTW – if you’re a Smiths fan, there are a few references but no music.

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