Crafty encounters of an Etsy kind – today’s word: “penguin”

I’m so proud of Etsy! The site ranked five on Time’s 50 Best Web Sites of 2007. In case you don’t know, Etsy is a “place to buy and sell all things handmade”. Anyone who wants to understand what the web can and should be needs to explore Etsy. Everything you know about “web 2.0” […]

Vinyl Sleeve Heads will amaze you.

This makes me very happy. Very, very happy. Thanks Sarah, your Andrew WK made my day… beautiful!

“I really believe I’ve become a penguin.”

For those seeing this post via Facebook, visit: I’m with you Alfred. You’re a penguin.

Chicks paddle canoes too… come on Popular Mechanics.

Title of current Popular Mechanics article: “25 Skills Every Man Should Know: Your Ultimate DIY Guide“. I’d really love to understand what the editors over at Popular Mechanics think is particularly gender-specific about patching a radiator hose, protecting a computer, sharpening a knife, paddling a canoe, backing up data, etc. For the record, I’m not […]