Crafty encounters of an Etsy kind – today’s word: “jesus”

In honour of Jesus’ recent and media-savvy endorsement of Tim Hortons: as of this moment, there are 1244 items tagged “jesus” on Etsy. Here are five of my favourite picks: Item: Supersized Halo – Original Mixed Media Assemblage Seller: sushipot Price: $185.00 Item: Saint Frankenstein Pendant Seller: sweetheartsinner Price: $7.00 Item: It’s a Boy Seller: […]

Jesus wants you to win that car! Drink up and RRRRoll up!

Thanks blogTO

He tried to insert breast implants into his tattoo…

Byline from the Calgary Sun: “Titillating idea sours when body rejects implants“. Ahh the Sun. Thanks for that, so very clever. Brian Decker, a New York-based micro-dermal surgeon and friend, offered Jensen the boob job on his calf last December while visiting Dragon FX. Decker carved Jensen’s solid silicone implants into a pair of big […]

Some new items I’ve listed on Etsy, the highlights…

Bottlecap collages set in resin – pendants, magnets or brooches – you decide!

This is what “overweight” looks like.

According to the Body Mass Index, at 5’5 and 150 pounds, this woman is “overweight”: and at 5’4 and 150 pounds, she is too: and he’s five pounds shy of “obese”: Check out the Illustrated BMI project for more visual insights. Is this the measurement that informs the notion we’re getting fatter and fatter?

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