Crafty encounters of an Etsy kind – today’s word: “katamari”

As of this moment, there are 36 items tagged “katamari” on Etsy.

Here are five of my favourite picks:

katamari_pattern.jpg Item: Katamari Damacy Crochet Pattern
Seller: anapaulaoli
Price: $5.00
il_430xn15910899.jpg Item: Custom made katamari shoes
Seller: pejorativecharm
Price: $25.00
il_430xn15522298.jpg Item: Katamari Ball Ring
Seller: amublue
Price: $15.00
il_430xn15481919.jpg Item: Miso Happy 5×7 print on vintage paper
Seller: cyberhadji
Price: $11.00
il_430xn13729168.jpg Item: katamari inspired necklace
Seller: beadoodles
Price: $28.00

Long live Katamari!

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