Fingers takes his makeover into his own paws…

Whoever said owning a dog is good preparation for parenting is a genius… Okay, yes I’m guessing as I’m not *quite* a parent yet – four months or so to go – but there seems to be some good learning to glean here.


This morning I sat down to check my email and I swear to god it was only seconds later when I turned around to discover Fingers fully engaged with my glitter pot. I had been doing some crafty business the night before and I guess he found his way into my workspace, honed in on the sparkles and went to town. What a spectacular mess he made! And it’s the mess that keeps on giving, ’cause as anyone who has experience with sparkles knows, they’re impossible to manage once set free.

We’re looking forward to seeing what comes out the other end in a day or two…

These things happen so fast, lesson learned…again. Sigh. It reminds me of an incident that happened one time when I was babysitting a five-year old. She announced she was going to pee, left the living room and returned seconds later with what can only be described as an avant-garde (think cubist) haircut. Sometime during second one or two on her own, she located the scissors and decided that those bangs just had to go…

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