Hey Scrabulous, what does gringeie mean?

Check this out:


I had all my letters on the board trying for a bingo and on a silly whim I indeed ended up scoring 90 points with “gringie” – which, to the best of my knowledge, does not exist in the English language.

However, looking up “gringe”, I did find this in the Urban Dictionary:

1. gringe

a filthy dirty penis with an accumulation of genital cheese under the uncircumsised foreskin. probably with an open sore on the shaft and bolbous veins protruding

1. to have a boyfriend with a gringe is most unfavourable and quite disadvantages to ones sex life
2. not having had a girlfriend in two years has resulted in his penis declining into a gringe from lack of cleaning and constant excoriation from masturbating

Blistering barnacles and bloody hell… nice, very nice for a Sunday morning, eh?

So now I’m wondering, oh you devilishly clever Scrabulous creators, is this an easter egg and might there be more?

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