Easter weekend link digest and Google oddity

Felted Stone Rug by Lori
Ain’t that lovely? Some of the pebbley goodness is hand-felted and some is wet-felted… what a great idea!

… making Jian Ghomeshi seems to be the silly sport du jour at bitstrips …
From cbc.ca: “Bitstrips was designed by Toronto cartoonist Jacob Blackstock and friends over the last six months. Blackstock described the online software as a set of tools for creating comics using elements such as a basic character, a set of poses and expressions and a handful of props.”

Hallelujah in the spotlight again

“Every generation discovers ‘Hallelujah,’ and right now, a whole new generation of people is discovering it.”

John Cale, Jeff Buckley, KD Lang, Damien Rice and now American Idol hopeful Jason Castro – they’ve all covered the Leonard Cohen classic.

“Cale’s version has been used on the sitcom “Scrubs” and in “Shrek,” but it is Jeff Buckley’s recording, released on his 1994 album, “Grace,” that has been featured most often in television shows. And it doesn’t come cheap. Vidoli said that the rights to use a big song such as “Hallelujah” can cost as much as $40,000, which most cable networks can’t afford.”

Yikes – that’s some serious cash. Cale’s version makes me cry, but it’s definitely Buckley’s that expands my universe. Read the rest of the Chicago Tribune article…

The Google oddity: I’m having an odd issue with Google Alerts and am wondering, hoping, praying that maybe y’all have some expertise in this area. My posts are indexed by Google within an hour of their publication, but for some reason my keywords (as tags or in the title) are not getting pick up by Alerts… help?

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2 Responses to “Easter weekend link digest and Google oddity”

  1. Craig says:

    You might also want to swing by toonlet.com.

    While toonlet presently lacks some of the bells and whistles you can find at bitstrips, we’ve taken a different tack to our character creation process, placing an emphasis on a character creation process that results in characters that look hand-drawn. You can also create an infinite number of moods and poses for your characters.

    But more importantly, anyone can create their own art elements to use on the site. We have a link on our footer that’ll let you download everything you need. The process was designed to be low-tech and accessible. In fact, our very first fan-made pack (Aodan8’s Ninja Pack) was created by an eleven year old!

    Swing on by the site and check us out, or just take the toonlet tour:

    -craig (from toonlet)

  2. lilydustbin says:

    But what about Jian, Craig? Have you got Jian??