Your favourite new handcrafter : Lori Brown

“Loretta” made by Lori Brown

“Loretta is a Darlin (dar´-lin). Darlins are nurturers. They look after the young, providing comfort, discipline and encouragement. Darlins are sweet as can be but know how to be stern when the situation demands it.

Loretta is made of wool felt, cotton fabric and acrylic safety eyes. She has both machine and hand stitched details and is stuffed with polyester fiberfill. She is approximately 12” tall and 8.5” wide. She comes with a card including her name, the duties she is most perfectly suited for (which, as it happens, are the very things she enjoys the most) and a copy of the Legend of the Chimians.”

Loretta can be yours for $42.00.

Lori’s artist statement: My current work explores a synthesis of ideas. One is of creatures from other worlds. This is fueled by the mystery of the forest and my affection for science fiction and fantasy literature. The other is of the preservation and display of creatures and natural oddities; an idea that stems from a fascination with the evolution of the natural history museum. I imagine a room full of my work as an exhibit compiled of images and specimens collected by a team of adventurous scientists who discovered a portal to another realm. Who knows what they’ll bring back next or what discoveries lay ahead.

Visit Lori’s shop – she’s incredible. Her blog rocks too.

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