Easter weekend link digest and Google oddity

Felted Stone Rug by Lori Ain’t that lovely? Some of the pebbley goodness is hand-felted and some is wet-felted… what a great idea! bitstrips.com … making Jian Ghomeshi seems to be the silly sport du jour at bitstrips … From cbc.ca: “Bitstrips was designed by Toronto cartoonist Jacob Blackstock and friends over the last six […]

Crafty encounters of an Etsy kind – today’s word: Obama

Last week we looked at Etsy art tagged “Clinton” – this week we’re exploring the connection between crafters and Obama drama. Currently there are 230 items tagged “obama” on Etsy. (hmmm, this suggests to me that Etsy sellers are more into Obama ’cause there are only 122 items tagged “clinton” today…) Here are five of […]

Jarvis Cocker looks like Dwight from the Office

… or Dwight looks like Jarvis? Don’t shake your head… he totally does! Exhibit A – Jarvis Cocker and wife Camille Bidault-Waddington II (uh, hi, I’m not pretentious…) Exhibit B – Dwight Schrute aka Rainn Wilson I know you’re going to say it’s the glasses… but look at the lips and those beady eyes! Add […]

Crafty encounters of an Etsy kind – today’s word: Clinton

On a whim I thought it would be fun to see what crafty folks are doing with the whole Clinton/Obama drama… OMG what fun they’re having! Hillary is up first, Barack next week. Currently there are 113 items tagged “clinton” on Etsy. Here are five of my favourite picks: Item: The Voodoo Hillary Doll Seller: […]

Why do I feel like I’m looking at my future?

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