Hey Scrabulous, what does gringeie mean?

Check this out: I had all my letters on the board trying for a bingo and on a silly whim I indeed ended up scoring 90 points with “gringie” – which, to the best of my knowledge, does not exist in the English language. However, looking up “gringe”, I did find this in the Urban […]

Crafty encounters of an Etsy kind – today’s word: canadian

In honour of Canadian Music Week: as of this moment, there are 1809 items tagged “canadian” on Etsy. Here are seven of my favourite picks (plus one *WTF* at the end – watch for it): Item: Back to Squirrel Satchel Seller: bonspielcreation Price: $175.00 Item: Pocket Gnome Remembering Naughty Things He did Last Summer and […]

:: re-think tank ::

Source: http://ingesidee.de

Fingers takes his makeover into his own paws…

Whoever said owning a dog is good preparation for parenting is a genius… Okay, yes I’m guessing as I’m not *quite* a parent yet – four months or so to go – but there seems to be some good learning to glean here. This morning I sat down to check my email and I swear […]

Take that mouse tagger, you have been defeated.

Do you remember when “mouse tagger” made us sad? Via The Sly Oyster, I’m happy to report that Smith fans have taken matters into their own hands and have started to restore the mural. They’re so organised they even have a MySpace page… not my first choice for a social network but it’s America’s fav, […]

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