No midwives in Dufferin County

Yesterday the huz and I went for out 24-week checkup with our midwives. I feel good and everything is progressing as it should, *as far as we can tell* … I say this because there’s a conflict bubbling under which threatens to turn our birth story into more of a political situation than we’d hoped. Let me explain.

The county I live in, Dufferin County, does not support midwives – despite the fact that since 1994, midwifery became an integrated part of the Ontario healthcare system. I don’t know why this is as there’s very little information available on the subject. However, I do intend to investigate further and would appreciate any direction from those in the know.

So knowing this, I called a midwifery clinic in the next county over very early in the pregnancy and was accepted as a client into their “modified care” stream. This basically means two things – first I’m required to have the baby at a birthing centre, and second the midwife does not come to our home except for two post-natal checkups. This is all fine with us; we were not intending to have a home birth in any case.

The trouble we’re having is around access to lab services in Dufferin County and the general attitude towards our choice to use a midwife.

About three weeks ago we went in for a run-of-the-mill ultrasound at the lab in Orangeville – it was a happy day! We saw our little guy’s ten fingers, ten toes and one noodley appendage. The ultrasound technician was very kind to us, which was a relief. I’d had a difficult time actually making the appointment because when I told the lab peeps that the requisition was from my midwife, they were confused and rude and ridiculous, “well she’s not in the *computer* and we don’t have her phone number and and and”. Phone book? Canada 411?

When we arrived the day of the appt., again the admitting attendant at the lab refused to properly enter the midwife into their database, citing once again that she didn’t have a phone number for the clinic or a billing code (billing code?). I actually was asked to call the lab back the next week with the info myself, which I did.

A week after the ultrasound (it’s still another week until we’re scheduled to see the midwife to review the ultrasound results) my physician unexpectedly calls. She’s been sent the ultrasound report and wants to discuss it. I don’t remember authorizing her to receive the report in addition to the midwife, but I listen to what she has to say.

It really never occurred to me that the lab would choose to send the report to my doc and NOT my midwife. I assumed it would have gone to both places at that point…

Well long story short, our report indeed never made it to the midwife. We arrived for our appointment yesterday and it wasn’t there which is hugely problematic for so many reasons. I can’t get proper care from my chosen provider unless she has all the information she’s requested.

I intend to call the lab at the hospital today to find out why this happened. Apparently we’re not the first couple to experience this kind of resistance; maybe we can be the last…

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    No midwives in Dufferin County…