We dumped the crackberry and gots ourselves a “babyberry”

Yesterday the huz and I ventured down to Babies R Us (*shudder*) to investigate some of the remaining items we need to prepare for our little kielbasa‘s arrival. Between generous hand-me-downs from friends and gifts from family, there’s not much left for us to buy; cloth diapers, a mattress for the cradle (my very own infanthood cradle!), some toiletries and other various odds and ends.

From the beginning we’ve agreed to try to keep things as simple, economic and eco-friendly as possible. You just don’t need a ton of stuff to raise a happy, healthy baby (they say having never had a baby… LOL).

Then we saw it. The thing we didn’t anticipate. The kryptonite to our conviction. The geek-gadget that would obliterate our parental notions in less than three seconds flat…

The High Definition Digital Video Monitor:
  • remote digital zoom and pan? check.
  • night vision? check.
  • colour screen? check.
  • rechargeable? check.
  • handheld, portable monitor? check.

There we were, only five minutes earlier hmmming and ahhhhing over ten dollars for three funky-designed receiving blankets vs. six dollars for four plain ones, giddily walking away with our $300 “impulse” purchase and not thinking twice about it… and so the battle begins.

One point for the completely superfluous consumer goods team and zero for the weak-bladdered, tech-loving, nerdy parents to be…

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One Response to “We dumped the crackberry and gots ourselves a “babyberry””

  1. sk-rt.com says:

    We dumped the crackberry and gots ourselves a “babyberry”…

    What happens when you add two geeky parents-to-be and Babies R Us……