for the “wish I had thought of that” file…

Mythbusters Amigurumi!! I also wish I could crochet… source: MAKE

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Yeah, gay Bob from Saskatoon, you know him?

I woke up to a curious Facebook message from an ancient boyfriend this morning. He’s a Brit, living somewhere in Britland and he wrote to ask me if I know a certain Canadian who’s recently been romantically involved with his friend. Yes. I know the Canadian in question without a doubt. We spent time together […]

Celebrity Impersonators – They’re Dogs!

Madonna particularly stands out, as does Kanye – “he’s angry sexy… if you don’t give him an award, he will shout at you!” Don’t you think the Amy Winehouse doggy is, well, scary? So I guess it’s right-on too. Fun. BTW – this is a promotional ad for a UK-based, user-generated lists site: Happy […]

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Is that a John Lennon vinyl toy?

Are my eyes deceiving me or is that a John Lennon Dunny? From KidRobot: Dunny Series 5 Start the countdown, the epic legend of the world’s greatest vinyl canvas continues September 4 with Dunny Series 5! Collect 19 new and insanely detailed designs by the biggest players out there, blind boxed for $6.95 each. If […]

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some goings on over at the dustbin

I have a laundry list to catch you up on! I put together a new web project called KnitHacker. Based on the total awesomeness of Ikea Hacker, I thought KnitHacker would be a great space for clever knitters who like to hack and/or mash patterns to share their ideas and projects. Check it out and […]

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