some goings on over at the dustbin

I have a laundry list to catch you up on!

I put together a new web project called KnitHacker. Based on the total awesomeness of Ikea Hacker, I thought KnitHacker would be a great space for clever knitters who like to hack and/or mash patterns to share their ideas and projects. Check it out and if you think you’d like to play in this space with me, join the forum and let’s get it going. I’ll be reaching out to the crafting community soon… p.s. non-crafty types there’s a thread in the forums to discuss hacks not necessarily related to knitting.

More web-related goodness: the Huz redesigned his Radical Trust blog a couple months ago and I finally found some time between feeding the Finn and working on my own stuff to build it. It was one of the most ambitious WordPress template hacks I’ve ever played with and I’m 100% pleased with the results. Collin’s eye for design truly stuns me, he knew that this had the potential to become this.

Shameless plug to add to all of today’s other shameless plugs: I have a guest post at Radical Trust today, Buckcherry Lies to Fans, Breaks Important Tenet of Radical Trust

And finally in crafty news, I applied to be a vendor at this year’s City of Craft show at the Great Hall on December 13th. Fingers crossed that I get accepted! I think my little bottlecaps would make great gifts… and I want some incentive to get busy crafting again… as if I don’t have enough to take care of right now!

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One Response to “some goings on over at the dustbin”

  1. seizuresalad says:

    I’ve never met a more productive new mother before. Building websites and online communities, outing the sleazebags of the record industry, entrepreneuring it up in the craft world…Wow. Can you bottle it please?

    Your post on radicaltrust was great, and I really love the new design. Bravo!