Yeah, gay Bob from Saskatoon, you know him?

I woke up to a curious Facebook message from an ancient boyfriend this morning. He’s a Brit, living somewhere in Britland and he wrote to ask me if I know a certain Canadian who’s recently been romantically involved with his friend.

Yes. I know the Canadian in question without a doubt. We spent time together as teenagers growing up in Kitchener and his mom dated my best friend’s dad. Holy shit. Small world.

These bridges in the matrix are delicious! They wake me up and remind me how connected we are on this amazing planet of ours. Bits of our shared experiences inhabit all four corners of the earth – how fantastic is that? Right now masses are mingling with your mind and you don’t even know it!

I’ll never forget the time I was standing at a cash machine inside a university pub in Wales. I was there for comedy night (with Brit boyfriend mentioned earlier), hoping to drink some beers and have a laugh. I was anxiously punching in my coordinates, praying for a little moola to pop out (times were l-e-a-n back then) when I noticed the folks behind me were talking about Canada. Not only were they talking about Canada, they were specifically discussing a DJ from the university of Edmonton. And not just any DJ, this one was my good friend.

Think of all the variables that had to perfectly align to enable that encounter. It’s magical for sure, but not impossible – we can all share examples like this. Now think of all the variables that never align… all the connections you don’t even know you have, all the ties that don’t quite bind. It’s staggering to imagine, impossible.

So next time you’re faced with the possibility, play the odds, take the chance and ask “hey, you’re from Saskatoon – cool, so do you know gay Bob with *the* boots?”

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