Why do we strive for “security” above all else?

Playwright Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) explores our modern craving for security — and why it makes us less secure.

This is one of the most inspiring talks I’ve heard in a long, long time. And given the current trajectory we’re on politically, particularly in the West with two federal elections on the horizon, Eve’s words couldn’t come at a better time.

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2 Responses to “Why do we strive for “security” above all else?”

  1. seizuresalad says:

    Wow, this is a great talk. This explains a lot about what’s going on right now. I wish every single person who is thinking about voting for McCain (or Harper) out of some generalized sense of fear would watch this.

    Thanks for posting it.

  2. MyKLove says:

    Just a comment on the title cuz I’ll have a hell of a time watching the video… not for lack of interest mind you.

    We strive for security because in our modern world, most of us have had a skewed sense of security from birth. All a baby wants is to be held close by its momma and poppa and usually, all a baby gets is a crib and a stroller ride. I’m not sure how well those disconnecting devices can cultivate a sense of security.

    but we adapt…
    and then we make war.