My Little Ponies reassigned.

Mari Kasurinen, otherwise known as Sippo, created an amazing collection of indentity-reassigned My Little Ponies. Everyone’s here, Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Predator, Alien, Catwoman… all freakin’ incredible! BoingBoing scooped this back in September, but if you missed ’em, go check ’em now.

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No, you can’t have a MySpace profile for Christmas.

Hmmm. I see you’ve worked so very hard on the hair my son (you missed the guyliner though) but that whole emo thing, it’s really passé. And besides, five and a half months is just too young for MySpace. Hit me up in a month or two. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Mutant Ninja Poodles and Cute Little Chihuahuas

This is the tale of a two dog post – one dog(s) to make you laugh, one dog to make you cry. First, a smile. Via the awesome Kristian Maria. Next up, some tears. Sandra Hartness, Poodle Artist. (That’s a real poodle folks.) Via Extreme Craft.

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how creepy cool is this!?

laughing stone Originally uploaded by jiyuseki

Eve’s Tower – office tower dedicated to businesswomen

“Abu Dhabi-based Hydra Properties just recently completed excavation for Eve’s Tower, which it says will be the world’s first exclusive tower for women entrepreneurs. Located in downtown Dubai’s Business Bay, Eve’s Tower will be part of the iconic Hydra Towers Project comprising five uniquely shaped, high-rise towers. It will feature a sleek design and high-tech […]

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