star haircut not allowed for eighth-grader


I’m not sure what makes me more sick – the fact that this kid was forced to shave his head to be allowed to return to school (apparently the star is a gang symbol), the complicit media coverage of this event (reporting that the star shape is indeed a gang symbol; on what basis I’m not certain, they don’t say) or the racist nature of this case.

Okay, back up. Kid gets a star shaved into his head and he says it’s for “God and all the stuff he made on the earth”. The school argues no, it’s actually a gang symbol, yet, doesn’t quite suspend the kid, but, they force the kid to get a new haircut because, “the student manual regarding gang related activities reads, ‘displaying, or selling any clothing, jewelry, emblems, badges, symbols, signs, body markings, or other items” is prohibited'”.

This is outrageous. It’s a haircut. It’s a star, a basic geometric shape. I have star tattoos on my wrists, so I can’t go to school? Do you really think there aren’t any girls (white girls) at that school wearing clothing decorated with stars or hair barrettes or hats or or or? This is racism.

One commenter has it bang on: “So, anything that the ‘gangs’ adopt becomes ‘gang’ oriented and contraband. If the gangs are Black, can Jay no longer be Black? If a line of reasoning becomes ludicrous when carried to extremes, the reasoning is usually faulty.”

Read the story here.

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