crowdsourcing for cash… and a baby’s name

It’s exciting times for Andy and Beth Williamson — they’re having a little baby boy in March!

However, things took an unexpected turn in late December: “The pregnancy was going well and we were busy getting ready for the big changes that were soon to come our way when we got a real scare—on December 29th, Beth went into pre-term labor and was admitted to the hospital. It looked like our baby was going to be born nine weeks premature, but the nurses and doctors managed to slow the contractions and prevent early delivery for the moment. Beth was allowed to come home briefly, but now is back in the hospital, probably for the duration of the pregnancy.”

Beth’s early hospital stay and need to start her maternity leave earlier than expected is obviously taking a financial toll on the family, so they decided to pray to the internet gods for help.

The holy vision came: crowdsource the funds with one caveat – make sure you give something back.

“So that’s why we’re turning to our friends on the Internet—help us pick a name for our little bundle of joy by voting for the one you like the most. Each vote is one dollar and you can vote as many times as you like. When our baby is born, the name that has earned us the most votes is the one that will go on the birth certificate. We really appreciate your help, and can’t wait to see which name you choose! ”


You can vote/donate here:

I really feel for Beth and Andy and want to help them out. My own preganancy was totally normal until the 38th week at which point Finnegan turned into a breech position, stopped growing and had the cord wrapped around his neck. Each of these factors could have been managed on their own, but together they presented a situation not ideal for natural childbirth. Our midwives transferred care to an OB and I was scheduled for a c-section within hours. As disappointed as I was, this was the best decision for everyone. It’s estimated that 4% of c-sections are medically necessary and I have no doubt we were among that 4% and I’m grateful we live in a country that has the kind of health care system that got us all through alive and well.

Beth and Andy do too, but the difference between us: in Canada our healthcare is paid for through the tax system while in the U.S. they have to pay… and pay… and pay some more.

So do it, name a kid, help a family, feel good:

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One Response to “crowdsourcing for cash… and a baby’s name”

  1. Hi Lily! I’m Andy’s brother, Aaron (I designed the website). Thanks so much for the write-up and for your votes. I’m glad to hear that Finnegan (Great name! I think he would get along well with either a Maxwell *or* a Silas!) was born healthy, and I hope the same for Andy and Beth’s baby.

    Most of all, thank you for applying the word “crowdsourcing” to the project. We’re struggling to become a meme, and Web 2.0-compliant buzzwords can only help 😉