Kid cleaner – this is wrong, isn’t it?

Kid cleaner Originally uploaded by kirainet Oh, but how I could use this!!

more vintage sexism

My friend Geordie is in the process of purging old files and over the weekend he came across this: *click to enlarge* I find 4, 5 and 6 particularly disturbing (female conditions/weaknesses ????). This is what our grandmothers faced – that’s not all that long ago folks.

It’s 2009, am I too late to be a “mindsticker”?

1960’s Tab Commercial (Be A Mindsticker.) 2by dampier Sexism with a yummy layer of vintage frosting on top – yum! The twee-pop sound in the ad reminds me of The Free Design, but not a fraction as good as the Dedrick clan: I Found Love, The Free Design I’m also struck by the strangeness of […]

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The Gay Alphabet

“Right wing groups and the church argue that the very existence of gay publications and groups effectively advertise, glamorise and recruit people into the gay lifestyle. They see it as ‘recruitment propaganda’. Which is of course rubbish. This is an art project that explores what a recruitment campaign might look like…” Via: