It’s 2009, am I too late to be a “mindsticker”?

Sexism with a yummy layer of vintage frosting on top – yum!

The twee-pop sound in the ad reminds me of The Free Design, but not a fraction as good as the Dedrick clan:

I Found Love, The Free Design

I’m also struck by the strangeness of the term “mindsticker” – that’s the best neologism the madmen could come up with? It exudes creepy, Christopher-Walken-in-Brainstorm creepy.

Dr. Michael Anthony Brace: I made that for you. It’s a gift.
[hands her the tape and sets the large silver metal case on the bed]
Karen Brace: What is it?
Dr. Michael Anthony Brace: It’s me.

Do you remember that scene? It haunts me, it lives in me – you could say it’s my mindsticker.

Frankly, the whole concept of mindsticking frightens me.

Tab ad via Feministing

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One Response to “It’s 2009, am I too late to be a “mindsticker”?”

  1. geordie says:

    Well, Don Draper probably had something much better, but Pete Campbell went behind his back and pitched his own idea to the client. I’m surprised they don’t suggest serving it heated or cooking with it like Dr. Pepper and 7-UP.