the toilet seat debate

I usually don’t have this problem in my house so there’s no real debate here at home, and nor do I have a need for this silly contraption but it makes a great companion photo to this blog post:


No, I was just reading something (far more grave, serious and important than the silliness I’m presenting here) that made me think of this annoyance and it got me to wondering why – why does the toilet seat debate manage to rage on? Because even in light of very compelling evidence, women continue to be marginalized.

The math is pretty easy (pls excuse my generalizations):

a woman pees and poops sitting down (that’s two sitting downs)
a man pees standing and poops sitting down (that’s one standing and one sitting down)
three sitting downs and one standing

The toilet seat stays down. End of debate.

p.s. I don’t want to hear anything about frequency…

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2 Responses to “the toilet seat debate”

  1. XtinaS says:

    I always figured that whoever uses the toilet can look before they use it comma goddammit, and why on earth this is still anything anyone cares about escapes me.

    (Not pointed at you, rather at whoever still has an issue.)

    I prefer to put the toilet seat down because I prefer to not be looking in the toilet bowl every time I go into the bathroom, m’self.

  2. Miss Andrist says:

    And then there was the time I woke up having to pee, and being the considerate partner I am, did not turn the master bathroom light on because it would disturb his slumber in the middle of the night – even the gleam from the crack under the door. Instead, I fumbled to the toilet, sat down –

    – and I didn’t just fall in –


    And since I’m in fantastic shape, my hips are slim enough that the seat really does save me from a fate worse than death.

    Object lesson in negotiation:

    “If you ever leave the seat up again, you will be the next person to end up wedged in the crapper.”

    He pees sitting down to this day.